Monday, May 2, 2011

Plant your Love and let it Grow!

Hi there friends! Annie here! 

This past Saturday, some students from Page's class went to the Free Food Farm and got their hands nice n' dirty! Unfortunately I was unable to be there, but I heard that they had a blast working and enjoyed a delicious vegan lunch that was freshly prepared on the Farm.

The students tended to the potato plants (which are grown in... wait for it... upside down trashcans!) by adding hay and compost, and they also prepared a bed for planting beets by adding compost and forking it into the beds. 

It proved to be an amazing day, and the volunteers relished in the beautiful sunshine that seemed to radiate all over the state of California. I am eagerly looking forward to MY next visit to the Farm. 

Several Stanford students also showed up at the Free Farm Stand on Sunday ready to doll out food to the smiling faces of the community. A range of volunteers showed that day with ages all along the spectrum. There is no doubt in my mind that the act of giving is a contagious one. 

Next Sunday the Free Farm Stand is planning on planting fruit trees for Mother's Day :) The tree planting will begin around 11am, so try and make it out to San Fran for a bliss-filled day of planting in the name of our lovely mamas who gave us the greatest gift of all: LIFE! 

In the meantime let's all remember to take the time to do the little things and make a difference in our world. Whether it's planting seeds, picking some fruit with the gleaners, or sharing a smile with our fellow brothers and sisters, take the time to open your heart to the world around you! 

Love & Light

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