Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Locations and New Friends

As we approached Kairos House we saw four people sitting under the lemon tree we were supposed to be gleaning. I was hoping it wasn't a rebirth of my freshman year, during which Kairos residents would sit on their lawn and heckle passers-by (what would they say to us, with our silly pickers??). It was not the heckle team, however, it was NEW GLEANERS, freshman from Page's class. The new comers gleaned the fist half of the harvest, while the veterans got to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. When the easy lemons were gone the vets jumped in and pulled down the rest of the 125lbs of fruit!

We will continue to jump around campus in the weeks to come, gleaning from several smaller sites than the larger groves we have taken advantage of in the beginning of the quarter.    

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