Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helping Out

This past weekend on Saturday (5/22), three of the gleaners and two interested gleaner parents made the trek up to San Francisco to work at the Julian Food Pantry. There was more food than the gleaners have ever seen, including an incredible box of corn that allowed for eight ears to go to each individual. We brought approximately 80lbs of lemons and 5lbs of rosemary. Our suspicions were confirmed that the Asian population was none too excited about the herb, but the Hispanic, African-American and White populations were very appreciative. It was  reversed the time we brought bok choy, which most non-Asian people looked at as if it were poison. Something interesting we saw while working in the back was that there is a culture of trading food in the alley behind the church. It allows for people to have preferences, in a way a fair food bank does not. The food bank provides equity but it's nice that people can have more choice through this informal system.

After the pantry, we went to the free farm where the plants and the space have both increased in beauty and vitality. The space has enough human touch to comfort and the produce looks healthy and delicious. It's always nice to see progress, when that progress is for good.

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