Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chamberlain Farm

Our excursion to the Stanford Farm began at 10 am. After gathering before Robely, our brigade commenced its journey to the far corner of campus that the Stanford Farm resides at.  
            At the farm, it soon became clear that our work would be done at the Chamberlain Farm, not the Stanford Farm. While weaving our way through the student and faculty plots, we encountered a feisty bunch of hens, angrily squawking as we marched by, and also a very rare breed of psychedelic dino kale.

            Page’s plot was bulging with life. The first task was to unearth a few mysterious tubers that had been sequestered from tree’s prolific green thumb.

 What we thought were Jerusalem artichokes turned out to be beastly lumps of preposterously shaped, potatoe-esque root vegetables. 

We later found that they were Andean Yocan, a rare tuber best served raw and cold.

            Others busied themselves with beans and the last of the summers tomatoes. Apples seemed to appear from nowhere as well, although I don’t believe they came from Pages plot.

            Actual potatoes were harvested too, which had been developing like tumors in makeshift chicken wire planter. Somehow their mud caking coats made them more appealing looking. 

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